Kephart Knife in the works

As soon as I discovered the Kephart knife on the web I knew that is the one I really like. Horace Kephart who made the knife famous was an American traveler/journeyman/writer and many times he is thought to be the father of camping or outdoor skills. Horace wandered through the United States more than a hundred years ago carrying an affordable and simple knife. This knife was later named after him and during the past few years, many knife companies produced their take of the iconic Kephart knife. Ka-Bar & Becker made a great looking modern version of it as Ethan Becker from Becker knives own one of the last original Kephart knives. Anyway, as soon as Finnish knife company Brisa started to sell their Kephart blades I had to get one. It took a quite long time until I started to make a knife out of it. But now it is in progress and should be ready rather soon (I hope).