Links to knife brands, supplies, and stores

Here are links to various knife and outdoor-related sites.

Knifemaking supplies


Brisa has a great collection of all kinds of knife-making supplies. They also have their own knives that are made from high-quality materials.🇫🇮

Another Finnish knife supply store. Always wise to compare prices between Brisa and🇫🇮

Quite new Finnish knife supply store. Prices are about the same as in Brisa.


Oulun puukkotarvike (Kivi-Pekat)🇫🇮

I’m glad to see a fresh theme here. Their old site was really from the 90s. Prices are around / Brisa depending what you are looking for.



Knife manufacturers

Finnish Knife Brands

J. Marttiini🇫🇮🇪🇪

Marttiini is the biggest knife company in Finland. Classic Ilves (Lynx) puukko knife is the one that defines puukko here in Finland. The price range is quite wide and you’ll find a knife for any budget. Since October 2023 all the knives are produced in Estonia instead of Finland.


Iisakki Järvenpää🇫🇮

Another one from Finland. The company has also a long history of making puukko knives as well as scout knives. I have scout knives from them and I really like the leather handles and the blade shape that has a strong American influence.



Also Finnish and famous for the sharpness. Somewhat simple or authentic design but quality products.



Varusteleka has its own branded knife series called Terävä (Sharp, Sharpy, etc.). Their Jääkäri (Jaeger) model got superb reviews from Dutch Bushcraft Knives (DBK).



Knifemaker Harri Merimaa makes great knives under his Woodsknife brand.



Knifemaker Simo Passi is famous for his extremely high-quality craftsmanship. His knife handles are truly magnificent.


While Brisa is known for their knife supplies they also carry a quite wide range of knives of their own. Both folders and fixed blade knives come in various steel variations.


Swedish & Norwegian Knife Brands


Known for plastic handle knives but has a long history of making puukko-style knives in Sweden. Redheaded Mora knife is probably the best known, although their modern designs are highly popular.



High-quality knives from Sweden. The price range varies from 170€ to 800€ but I guess you get what you payfor. I really love some of their knife designs.



Norwegian knife manufacturer. I really like their blades and have built a few knives based on those.



Another Norwegian knife company. I like their design and will purchase a knife from them in the future. Most likely the GT model. I have few Helle blades and need to make a knife from those as well.


Other Knife Brands


American knife and tool company owned by Finnish company (Fiskars). They have been in business for some 70 years and luckily some of the products are made in the U.S.A. as well. They were a bit infamous for Bear Grylls series of products that were made in China of low-quality parts.


Cold Steel🇺🇸

Cold Steel makes various of kind knives, swords, and axes. I have their SRK knife and it is really good value for the price.



Known for the USMC fighting knife that is the defacto standard for military knife style. If you say Ka-bar knife they immediately know what you mean. However, they carry a wide range of other knives and since acquiring Becker knives the range is even more interesting.



Known for the Swiss Army knife a.k.a. MacGyver knife. Sentinel is my choice for an EDC knife.



They offer various kinds of knives that are made in the U.S.A. Buck folding hunter is one of best know knives from them. I have it as well as the 119 special.



Russian knife manufacturer. They have a wide selection of different kinds of knives and to be honest finishing quality is pretty good. Check out my T-1 here.












Legendary pocket knives from France


Knife & Outdoor Stores


Knife Center🇺🇸

Blade HQ🇺🇸

Smoky Mountain Knife Works🇺🇸