Hukka Knives is a brand for my custom-built knives. I started knife making several years ago but there were many years that I wasn’t active. Thanks to the Coronavirus I had more spare time and revived my knife-building hobby. The main idea of this site is to present knives I’ve built but since I’m also a knife collector (like many knife makers) I present also knives that I have acquired.

In the future, you should be able to purchase knives made by me via this site as well. Meanwhile, enjoy the art of knives.

What does Hukka or puukko mean?

The word hukka is a Finnish word and it means wolf. It is not actively used but more like a synonym for the word susi which is commonly used when talking about wolves. Puukko on the other hand is the name for a traditional Finnish common knife. It has a razor-sharp scandi grind (or high scandi grind) blade and a wooden handle. Scandi grind knives have gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years due to their versatile use in the “bushcraft movement”. If you’re going to camping and you need to take only one knife with you, almost always puukko knife is a solid choice.