Marttiini MFT G10

Initially, I was very excited about this knife. Price is really cheap for a full-tang knife with G10 handles and quality sheath. The knife is robust but there are two important buts. The first one is the balance. Due to the shape of the handle and full-tang construction knife is heavily balanced to the handle side. The second even worse thing is that knife is really dull. Since it is not normal Marttiini steel it is also much harder to sharpen due to HRC of 58-60. Since Marttiini only tells it is stainless steel it is not possible to say what steel it actually is. What worries me a bit is also the blade grind. Since this one doesn’t have a scandi grind but a hollow grind it hints to me that knife could have been outsourced from the Asia and quality control has failed.

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Knife details
Model MFT G10
Manufacturer Marttiini
Knife type Fixed blade, Full tang
Length 214mm
Blade length 100mm
Blade height 23mm
Blade thickness 3.2mm
Blade material Stainless steel
Blade shape Straight back
Blade grind Hollow
Sheet material Leather
Handle material G10
Weight 173g
Total weight 224g
Origin Finland or Unknown. Marttiini site doesn't have Finnish work logo attached to this knife. Hollow grind hints to the Asia.
Price 39€
Quality 2 / 5 (for the price 3 / 5)
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