Marttiini 2019 Kettu (Fox)

Collector’s item, the year 2019 edition. Fox knife was a must-have knife as soon as I spotted it in a shop. While sharing some of the classic Ilves/Lynx design it still has few things I hadn’t seen in a Marttiini knife before.


The handle is one of the first things you’ll spot and it is not a common wooden one. Instead, it is made of a rubber cork compound that gives it a unique look. I’m not sure if the knife is a floating one as Mora’s cork handle knife is, but surely it is a nice one. The handle provides excellent grip and keeps night likely a bit lighter than the wooden counterpart would have.


The blade is a Ilves/Lynx style blade but a bigger one. Sadly I don’t have any Ilves knives with the 13cm blade so I could make a comparison. Anyway, it is quite a big one for a puukko. The blade is made of Marttiini’s stainless steel and as a collector’s knife, it has a serial number on it. Besides that, it also has Fox engraving (laser?). The finger guard is a metal one (to be honest I first thought all the modern pommels are made of plastic) and it has a golden matt finish. I would have hoped something a bit more spectacular as the otherwise nicely finished knife would have deserved a nicer guard.

The sheet is typical Marttiini style. Made out of brown leather with golden printing on it fits perfectly into the knife design-wise.


  • Great look and design choices
  • Made for practical use besides collector’s item
  • Price, it was rather affordable


  • Finger guard. With a somewhat sloppy finish it sort of “ruins” the otherwise nice knife.


Knife details
Model Kettu (Fox)
Manufacturer Marttiini
Knife type Fixed blade, hidden tang
Length 255mm
Blade length 128mm
Blade height 24mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Blade material Stainless steel
Blade shape Clip point
Blade grind Scandi
Sheet material Leather
Handle material Cork/Rubber compound
Weight 142g
Total weight 224g
Origin Finland
Price N/A€
Quality 4 / 5
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