Back to business

I can’t believe it is two years since the last post. Where did that time go? Well, the past two years have been super busy with my day job (Web developer) as well as my Hukka Arts & Crafts work. Of course, it is a lame excuse but what can you do? Anyway, I got inspiration, maybe due to the Spring sunlight after such a long time and due to some new knives I’ve got since the last time. First of all, I finally decided to buy Fällkniven S1. I’ve been a fan of Fällkniven since I knew they existed and their knife design is so wonderful. Their blade shapes for clip-point/bowie blade fans are so good. The S1 model is one of the affordable ones and it is such a nice knife. While being a lot like my Coldsteel SK5 compact it still belongs to a class of its own. The handle is even more comfortable and the blade itself is so beautiful.

Bandsaw in da house

After the last post, things escalated quickly as I decided to get a bandsaw after some thinking. I hadn’t used one in ages so it took a little practice to see how it works and to adjust it.

Since then I’ve used it pretty often to try out various kinds of things. In the picture below is prototype knife blade with some prototype handle (that has changed since then).