Marttiini Naava

Collector’s knife for the year 2022. Naava is a pretty knife with subtle green color mixed with light-colored curly birch as well as veg. tanned leather. The handle is made of curly birch but it has two green spacers in it. Sheat is sewn with green thread that supports the theme beautifully. Word “naava” means beard moss, the moss that hangs from trees like a beard. Back in the old days, it was told that it is a great indicator of how clean the air is in that area. If you see “naava” air should be clean as naava (beard moss) is one of the first things to disappear if air gets polluted.

Knife details
Model Naava (Collector's knife 2022)
Manufacturer Marttiini
Knife type Fixed blade, hidden tang
Length 225mm
Blade length 108mm
Blade height 24mm
Blade thickness 2.8mm
Blade material Stainless steel
Blade shape Drop point with a belly
Blade grind Scandi grind
Sheet material Veg. tanned leather
Handle material Curly birch with green spacers
Weight 97.7g
Total weight 145.5g
Origin Finland
Price 79€
Quality 4/5
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